Marnie Yoga

A bit about me!

I started my Yoga journey in 2000, taught by Mavis Fielding using a traditional approach to Hatha Yoga, which inspired me to continue developing my practice within Hatha, adding some Vinyasa flow and sprinkles of Ashtanga into my classes.

I have been inspired within my own practice and teachings by amazing teachers such as Lesley Wood, Paul Fox, Liz Lark, Esther Ekhart, Emma Conally-Barklem, and Uma Dinsmore Tuli.

I completed my  yoga training with the BWY, studying for the Level 3 during 300+ hours teaching qualification over a period of 18 months. I am a qualified children’s Yoga teacher and I have taught Yoga to children ages from 4-14yrs for 2 years, which always brings a smile to my face as the children seem to love the Yoga based themes and stories.

In addition to teaching Yoga to adults and children, I am a qualified level 4 Pilates and Somatics instructor, Body Balance teacher, PT Instructor level 3, Reiki healer, masseur and British School of Meditation teacher

My journey with Yoga has been life changing, I love the way Yoga can help and ultimately change the body, mind and spirit.

The practice of Yoga continues to help me to become a more conscious human being; Creating space within the body and mind, developing coping strategies with everyday life experiences and finding some peace in a busy world.

I love the quote from Dr Wayne Dyer “We are not human beings having a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings following a human journey”.


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