New for you in 2018.. Somatic workshops and Yoga Nidra!

Namaste Yoga friends, I have some exciting news for you! I have just completed an Essential Somatics Movement Teaching Training level 1 course. Somatic movements can help to relieve the suffering of pain in the body through a range of specific exercises/movements. I will be sharing this amazing, simple and life changing concept with you in January 2018. I will be offering workshops from January 2018. More details to follow…Somatics will change your life! I will keep you updated with dates and costings.

Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation/meditation Yoga technique originated in India. It is known as “Yogic sleep”. This technique can help to ease stress and tension, helps to reduce insomnia and encourages the body, mind and soul to heal. I will be offering workshops from February 2018. As always I will keep you posted!


Flight Info for Crete 2018!

Namaste Yoga Peeps!

I have put the Crete flight details and prices on the Retreats 2018 page for you. Take a look and if you are thinking about coming along to Crete in 2018, make your booking asap and save your place soon as this retreat is very popular. There is only 1 place left!


Upcoming Retreats…

Hi Yoga Friends,

I’m inviting you to join me on my forthcoming Yoga retreats, Turkey in July 2017 and Crete in 2018. Check out the Retreats pages and see if you fancy a week away to unwind and find your inner stillness in beautiful surroundings!


Welcome to!

Welcome to my new website! For any information regarding my yoga classes or the other services I provide, everything you need to know is displayed on here 🙂 Feel free to contact me if you have any other queries that are not answered on here. Enjoy my fellow yogis!