Beginners Yoga Course

Learn the foundations of yoga in this Beginners Yoga course with Marnie Yoga

This 6 week Beginners yoga course will introduce you to the basic elements of a Yoga class. By the end of the course you will feel more confident and at ease to attend my regular Yoga classes.

The next course starts on Wednesday 4th October at 6:30pm-7:45pm at The Acklam Green Centre.

Who is this course for?
– Complete beginners to Yoga
– This course is also for people who may have practiced some Yoga at home via the internet or an app or who are returning to Yoga after a break
– This course is for all genders and anyone above the age of 16 years
– People who have a reasonable level of movement within their bodies and who are not recently recovering from injuries, operations and/or chronic illnesses
– People who can commit to the full 6 week course as this is a progressive styled course which will develop strength and flexibility within the body over the 6 week period

Week 1 You’ll be introduced to ‘What is Yoga’ and the benefits of a regular practice, along with learning and practicing some of the basic postures, yogic styled breathing, mini meditation and relaxation.
Week 2We’ll continue to learn and practice some more of the basic postures. You’ll then be introduced to some of the standing postures and some more yogic styled breathing practices.
Week 3You’ll then be introduced to some of the seated yoga postures.
Week 4You’ll learn and practice sun salutations.
Week 5We’ll explore some back bending postures.
Week 6We will practice all postures, breathing and meditations learned over the previous 5 weeks in a flowing sequence. There will also be the chance for yogis to ask any questions about the course and feedback.

Feedback from the previous Beginners Yoga Course

“Marnie provided a great beginners course for us. She started by explaining about yoga and it’s origins which was interesting to hear. All postures were explained as well as the benefits to us. Demonstrations and modifications were all done at a pace that allowed us to do them without feeling we were holding others up. She also explained what to do when we couldn’t get our legs/arms to go where we wanted immediately and how to break down some of the postures into small stages which was very helpful Each week we did a bit more and expanded on what we had done. Breathing techniques and the reasons behind them were explained and practiced. A lot of emphasis is put on doing the postures  correctly rather than quickly with demonstrations on how not to do them as well as checking and correcting us if we are not doing it quite right.  I would highly recommend Marnie’s Beginners Yoga Class to anyone. She is very welcoming and makes you feel at ease and that you can achieve the postures. Thank you Marnie”

“Having not practiced yoga for over 5 years, I was very nervous but welcomed into the beginners group which put me immediately at ease.  Marnie went through each step thoroughly and guided us through every pose.I loved this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who has never tried yoga (I encourage anyone to try it)  or someone who wants to get back into it.   Well worth it and you feel great after.  Thankyou Marnie”

“What a fantastic Yoga for Beginners 6 week course. Enjoyed each and every practice and learnt such a lot. Just what I needed”